Ohio Resources

This page has information specific to this state, including contact information for federal and state agencies, and some key information about laws and consumer protections.

To find financial assistance resources, please visit CancerFinances.org.

Click here for information about laws specific to Ohio.


Disability Insurance

Federal Disability Insurance (SSDI & SSI)
Social Security Administration

Find your local SSA office

More Disability Resources


How to File Bankruptcy in Ohio for Free

Filing bankruptcy can be an effective way to eliminate medical bills and credit card debt among other kinds of erasable debts.


Federal Fair Employment Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Reasonable Accommodations
Job Accommodation Network

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
U.S. Department of Labor
Wage & Hour Division

State Fair Employment Agency
Ohio Civil Rights Commission
614.466.2785 or 888.278.7101

State Health Care Coverage Facts
Georgetown University Health Policy Institute

Vocational Rehabilitation
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
800.282.4536 or 614.438.1200

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Unemployment Resources

Unemployment Agency
Department of Job and Family Services, Office of Unemployment Compensation

Agency: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Information available here. File online or call toll-free 1-877-644-6562 or TTY 1-614-387-8408. Click here to see the current weekly benefit amount and the maximum length of benefits. Payment is available via debit card or direct deposit. The formula for calculating a claimant’s benefits is available here. Most claimants must conduct an active job search and keep verifiable records of this search. Claimants can use a new program that connects with LinkedIn as a way to satisfy job search requirements. Claimants will also be enrolled in OhioMeansJobs.com as a condition of filing for benefits. There are helpful how-to videos linked on the main webpage. There is a comprehensive guidebook available. Frequently asked questions are answered here. Customer service can be reached by phone at (877) 644-6562.

Updates related to Ohio unemployment benefits and Covid-19

State Clinical Trials Law

The ACA requires that most, non-grandfathered, group health plans provide coverage for the routine costs when participating in clinical trials. Some states have more consumer protections. Click here for more information about clinical trials.

This state has a special agreement known as the “Ohio Med Plan.” The Ohio Med Plan applies to state employees of the Ohio Med Plan and provides coverage for all medical care required as a result of participation in Phases II and III cancer clinical trials. The trials are limited to those sponsored by the NCI. Preauthorization is required.

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