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Explore Triage Cancer’s Award-Winning Animated Videos

We understand that everyone learns differently, and that’s why we’ve created an extensive library of FREE cancer-related educational videos – perfect for visual learners. Each animated video is about five minutes long and puts complicated topics like health insurance, medical bills, rights at work, and much more, into terms you can understand. These videos are a great tool if you are newly diagnosed, or not sure where to begin.

Videos are available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

While these videos are designed specifically for individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, and oncology health care professionals, they are a useful tool for anyone with a serious medical condition, or really anyone at all.

Health Insurance Animated Video Series

We often joke that “How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan” should be taught in every high school. Since it’s not, this series will explain the terms you need to understand before picking a plan, how to pick a plan that saves you money and meets your needs, what to do if you lose your insurance at work, and what to do when an insurance company denies covering your care. This series won a Digital Health Award in 2021.

Watch the Health Insurance Series in Spanish

Planning Ahead Animated Video Series

The three-part Planning Ahead Series covers the basics of things you should be considering about estate planning. In 2021, this series, sponsored by Eisai, won a Digital Health Award.

Watch the Planning Ahead Series in Spanish or Japanese

Employment Animated Video Series

Did you know that after a cancer diagnosis, there are laws in place to protect you at work if you need to take time off, if you’re dealing with side effects, and surrounding the disclosure of your diagnosis? It’s true! Watch our Employment Animated Video Series for insight on these topics, and more.

Watch the Employment Series in Spanish

And so much more!

These are just a sample of the animated videos we’ve produced to date, and our collection is constantly growing. Visit to access our whole library, covering clinical trials, employment, estate planning, finances, health insurance, Medicare, and survivorship care plans.

About Triage Cancer

Triage Cancer is a national, nonprofit providing free education to people diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, and health care professionals on cancer-related legal and practical issues. Through eventsmaterials, and resources, Triage Cancer is dedicated to helping people move beyond diagnosis.

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