Cancer-Related Legal Issues

Individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers may face a number of legal issues, which people often don’t think of as legal issues, like accessing health insurance coverage.

Cancer-related legal issues include:

This page includes some additional resources about cancer-related legal issues.

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The ADA and Public Transportation

The ADA and Public Housing

The ADA and Discrimination by Public Entities

Student Loans:

Deferment for Cancer Treatment for Direct Loan, FFEL, & Perkins Loan



Our Book

Cancer Rights Law was written by Triage Cancer co-founders and cancer rights law experts

Webinar Description

Our panel will speak on legal issues facing cancer patients and will cover a variety of legal topics impacting cancer patients and survivors. Topics will include labor and employment issues such as FMLA and ADA, as well employee benefits law and insurance coverage matters.

Our Webinars

Below you will find recordings of past webinars. Check out our upcoming webinars for up-to-date information on these topics here.

Webinar Description

This webinar will provide information on the various cancer-related legal issues that may impact individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, including employment, insurance, and managing finances. This webinar will discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on cancer benefits and coverage, and the application and impact of the Family and Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act as well as other pertinent labor and employment laws impacting the continued employment and treatment leave of cancer patients. Lastly, the webinar will describe ways in which attorneys can become legal advocates in the cancer community and opportunities for additional training.

Webinar Description

There are so many things to cope with after a cancer diagnosis, and functioning as an adult. Join us for a webinar that will discuss many of the life skills that should be taught in high school. Topics include dealing with finances after a diagnosis, insuring for an adequate insurance portfolio (life, health, disability, etc.) and creating an estate plan.

Webinar Description

Get the latest updates on federal, state, and local laws that have an impact on the cancer community, including medical marijuana, death with dignity, and paid leave.

Webinar Description

Housing is a surprisingly broad term that encompasses a multitude of ways that people purchase and rent. Learn about laws that empower buyers and renters and how to recognize and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to loss of housing.