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Unite for HER: New Program Supporting Breast & Ovarian Cancer Patients

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Breast and ovarian cancer patients throughout the United States are eligible to receive free integrative therapies and resources through the Unite for HER Wellness Program thanks to a new national expansion of the program.

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The Unite for HER (UFH) Wellness Program is available to those diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer in the last 18 months, as well as for those living with metastatic breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer, renewing services for life. All patients in the Wellness Program receive a HER care box containing educational resources, healthy products, and a passport valid for one year and $2,000 of integrative therapies, including professional counseling, nutritional counseling, meal delivery services, virtual fitness and yoga classes, sexual health counseling, and meditation. Patients living with metastatic breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer are eligible for $2,000 of services every six months. Upon receipt of their care box, patients are invited to attend a virtual wellness retreat to learn about integrative therapies, meet care providers, and craft a personal integrative care plan.

“We are honored to be able to offer this impactful program to those with breast and ovarian cancers across the country,” said Susan Weldon, founder and CEO of Unite for HER. “We’ve seen how integrative therapies like professional counseling, meditation and yoga, supportive fitness programs, and nutrition can transform patients’ lives through our work in the Philadelphia region.

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The pandemic required us to adapt our operations, programming, and delivery model, which actually allowed us to grow. It is our goal to empower every person through their treatment and beyond, and this expansion is the first step.”

“Our focus with this launch is to prioritize and provide critical access to integrative therapies to women of color,” said Weldon. “Knowing that the risk of developing metastases is higher for black women than white women, we hope to lean in and become a trusted resource to help resolve the health inequities in the Black and Hispanic communities.”

2021 Upcoming Events

Registration is currently open and ongoing for all our programming. Apply online

  • September 10: Ovarian Cancer Wellness Event (1:00 pm EDT – 3:30 pm EDT)
  • September 17: Metastatic Breast Cancer Wellness Event (1:00 pm EDT – 3:30 pm EDT)
  • October 3: Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Wellness Event (1:00 pm EDT – 3:30 pm EDT)
  • December 4: Metastatic Breast Cancer Wellness Event (1:00 pm EDT – 3:30 pm EDT)

You do not need to attend a conference to participate in the Unite for HER Wellness Program.

About Unite for HER

Following her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatments, Susan Weldon founded Unite for HER in 2009, to support patients with integrative therapies after discovering a gap in the standard of care and available resources for breast cancer patients. The UFH Wellness Program expanded in 2019 to support ovarian cancer patients. The UFH Wellness Program is funded by generous partnerships with hospitals, community organizations and businesses, and private donors. To learn more or support the Wellness Program, visit www.uniteforher.org.

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